The owner of this company is Suresh  Mendis.His Father,Mr. Nevil Mendis and Grandfather late Mr.Herbert Mendis were masters in piano industry.Mr.Herbert Mendis was a good Piano Tuner and technician who worked at “Harmonys” He laid the stone to this family business and it marches to the highly modern world by identifying customers and real requirements with the 80 years of Experiences in this industry.

In  present Mr.Suresh Mendis is performing his business alliance with many leading international piano business organizations such as “UNION GAKKI PIANO POWER CANTER” and “ASCO” in Japan.

  • We sale all kind of imported models  including English, Japanese and German.
    • Japanese pianos Yamaha upright U1,U2,U3,U5 available up to E ,F and H Models.(7 series Models)

      Yamaha Grand piano G2,G3,G5 & Cf

    • English pianos

      Marshall & Rose
      Branrallent & robinson

    • German pianos

      Strohmenger & sons

  • We can provide many colors like Teak, Mahogany,  Brown ,White ,Black and Pearl white.
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